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Kyle Coulahan

Kyle Coulahan was raised in Perdido Key, Florida a coastal town in the Gulf of Mexico split between the Alabama/Florida line.  At an early age Kyle's Father introduced him to an old Alvarez guitar and he's been hooked every since.  In high school Kyle remembers rushing home after football practice grabbing his guitar and heading to church where he would play with the Worship band. During Kyle's senior year of high school he was offered a full scholarship to play football at Auburn University.  It was there where he met producer Chip Moman (Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, and many more). Chip recognized a talent in Kyle that he could see growing over the years.  He took Kyle to Nashville where he would write, record and network with others within the music Industry. Shortly after graduation Kyle decided to pack his bags and guitar and relocate to crazy town (Nashville) to chase his dreams of becoming a professional songwriter and performer. 

Kyle's influences of music range from BB King, Vince Gill to Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.  Kyle's music is Country with a splash of Whiskey and Tequila.  Whether you're on the beach, at the lake, by the pool or on your way home from a hard days work - look no further than Kyle's Debut EP "Pirates and Gypsies" which is an adventure to listen to with many Summertime anthems that will take you back in time or set the mood for your vacation. 

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