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25-year-old Tennessee native Conner Sweet grew up with a guitar in his hand. Born and raised on the outskirts of Nashville, Sweet comes from a long line of singers and musicians, so it was only natural that music would be a main passion in his life. 

The authenticity of Sweet’s traditional country style reflects early influences by country legends such as George Jones, Johnny Cash and George Strait as well as some of his current favorites Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett. Writing songs since he was 16, he signed his first publishing deal in 2019 with Given Entertainment. His days are spent writing and performing for a solid fan base that has been built from live shows where he and his band are regulars on the Nashville circuit. “I wake up every day grateful that I get to write songs and make music for a living. It’s what I have always dreamed of, and I know, regardless of the size of the stage, I will always be on one somewhere.” 
There was a plan in motion for Sweet to release music in 2020 but when “Times Like These” was born it altered the timetable a bit. A writing session was on the books with hitmakers, Liz Hengber and Lance Carpenter in early March. It just happened to be around the time the devastating tornado hit Nashville. That day, the writers shared personal strains they were each dealing with, from a family member that was ill to other unfortunate situations in their circles. Deeply impacted by the heavy accounts, the trio set out to write an uplifting message about the importance of unity and sticking together when times are tough. Little did they know they would be creating an anthem that would soon have a much broader impact in a completely different area. “My team and I were blown away with the response we were getting from people in our circles who were hearing, “Times Like These.” We felt we had something really special and we were encouraged to make it available to people now, as now is the time we all need to hear it most.”

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