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Cindy Owen’s lifelong love of music and entertainment pointed the way to a career that she dreamed of as a kid growing up in Jackson, MS pouring over records to examine the songwriter and producer credits that were just as intriguing to her as the artists. A call from Reba McEntire led her to Nashville in 1988, when she took a job with the country legend doing office work, handling merch and running the fan club. As the growth of the company exploded, she was soon promoted to VP of Creative Services where she spearheaded the creative elements for not only McEntire’s red-hot career but all of the Starstruck Entertainment roster. Buttoning up 15 years in that role traveling with McEntire to New York for six months during her stint on Broadway in Annie Get Your Gun and from there to Los Angeles for the preparation and launch of her hit TV comedy REBA, “two of the greatest experiences of my career,” Owen said, she decided to venture out and form her own company, Owen Entertainment. Lance Bass was the first signing during the heyday of the pop phenomenon group* NSYNC, “one of the craziest rides with one of the sweetest guys!” Owen added. 


After spending several years commuting to and from Los Angeles working on various projects the decision was made to return to Nashville full-time in 2010. Not long after returning to Music City, she met current business partner Jim Kacmarcik, and the two struck up a friendship that eventually led to the creation of their publishing, artist management, and artist development company, Given Entertainment. The passion for TV and development keeps the West Coast highly in the mix for future plans for Given. “I love creating a platform for people to grow and develop and realize their potential,” says Owen about her lifelong passion for nurturing talent. “I thrive on creative collaboration and being in the trenches with those you respect and believe in and being able to do great things together that can inspire people or have an effect on a person’s day, or ultimately maybe their life. Music and positive message programming do that, and I am so grateful and beyond blessed that we have a platform at Given to create."

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